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Recording, Mixing, Producing & Media

Hello, and welcome to The Hawkins Sound Ranch. Owned and Operated by Corey Allan Hawkins - Winner of the 2011 Fox Seeds Fan Favorite Band (Azimyth), Managed by Clyde Hill - (discovered/managed Nickelback, Jar and May & Me & more) with countless sold out Vancouver, BC shows under his belt, Corey has also had commercial success fronting The Ghost Of Bloody Alley (Moody Ales residency for a number of years. CBC Canada radio plays & still Charting on NM1.)

Corey has 20+ years of industry experience both in recording, producing and performing live shows. His goal is to work with the artist in creating a safe & inclusive space, a mutually respectful atmosphere; while giving amazing detail, passion and confidence to every project. 


The Hawkins Sound Ranch is a fully functional Professional Recording Studio located in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada. We offer a relaxed atmosphere with the goal of creating commercial sounding songs on an indie budget. We want to work with artists who have the drive and passion to deliver a solid Single, EP or Album. Accountability, a great attitude & strong work ethic will help you in your success. We are an ALL INCLUSIVE SPACE and we expect that from all our artists that we work with. Drugs/Alcohol of any sort during the recording session(s) will not be tolerated.

Performance. Is. Everything!

*Lodging available upon request*

We take on clients via a case by case basis and you MUST be able to perform to a Click Track. 

Ask about our in house financing up to $30,000 through an accredited lender. It's as easy as filling out a credit app and in a few minutes you will know how much you've been approved for.


The aim of uniquely produced recordings is to create a sonic experience that is fresh, engaging, and memorable. It could involve capturing the nuances of a particular performance or artist's style, enhancing the emotional impact of the music, or pushing the boundaries of traditional recording techniques to create a distinctive sonic identity.
Ultimately, being uniquely produced means that the recording engineering process has gone beyond standard practices and has resulted in a recording that stands out from the crowd, leaving a lasting impression on the listener.

The Hawkins Sound Ranch uses Lauten Microphones exclusively as well as a Trident 24A mixing console (soon to be replaced with Frank Zappa's very own Trident 80B console which recorded Joe's Garage & more.) DAW - Universal Audio's Luna, 3 Apollo 16X's, 1 Apollo 8x and countless UAD and Boutique Plugins.

Our house kit is a DW Design Series Drum Set (tuned for each performance) and 7 custom snares to choose from, from makers such as Honest Abe Drums and Franklin Drum Company  We also have a wide range of amps and guitars for that killer tone that you're looking for. 



$400 for an 8 hour day
$200 for half a day
Mixing is done in-house and includes up to 2 hours per song. $50/hr for additional work if needed/required.  

We also offer every Artist a chance to record a brief podcast/interview that we call The Hawkins Sound Ranch Artist Series for our YouTube page FREE of charge. This is a way to gain exposure and to allow fans to get to know you on a more personal level. 

Mastering is NOT done in house. Depending on your goal and budget, we have Professional Mastering Engineers that we can recommend for your project. We will not recommend AI run bots. Human all the way, as well as female empowerment within the industry. 

A 50% Deposit is required upfront. This is a standard studio business practice all over North America. It keeps you, the artist, and me, the Producer/Engineer, accountable. All remaining fees due upon the completion of mixing as per The Producer/Engineer. Up to three revisions allowed per song.  $50/hr above and beyond that.



Come Visit

Mon - Fri: 4pm till 12am
Sat: 12pm to 12am
Sun: 12pm to 9pm


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